After going through your closets and other areas in your home to gather the things that you no longer need or want, you might be tempted to throw them aside. However, donating them to an organization or someone else in need can be a better option. Here are a few ways to be smart with the donations you make.


Try to limit the number of organizations or people you donate to make the most good. When you make a more significant donation to a few organizations, they can look at who they need to help so that more items or money can be given at one time instead of giving a little bit here and there.

How to Choose

Before donating, you want to find a reputable organization. It doesn’t have to be large or well-known. Look on websites that feature organizations so that you can get contact information while also reading reviews left by others who have used them or who have donated.


While some donations might be restricted to a particular age group or have other stipulations attached, try not to limit the contributions you make so that as many people can use them as possible. This will also allow the organization to donate to those they feel could use it the most.

Going in Together

A way to maximize your donation is by coordinating with someone else who also wants to donate. You can give one large amount of money or make several small donations throughout the year. You could also work together to donate clothes, furniture, toys, and other items during each season or twice a year when you do a more extensive cleaning of your home.


Try to work donating into your budget to donate each month or every few months. If you put a certain amount into your budget when you get paid, you likely won’t notice that the money is missing after a few weeks, as it will likely become part of your payment routine. Make sure you talk to an accountant or tax preparer at the end of the year to determine how to include your donations when filing your taxes.