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About Jon Farzam

Vice President of The Shore Hotel, Jon Farzam is a community leader and philanthropist in his neighborhood of Santa Monica. As part of a family-owned business in the town, he is proud to be in the position to help enrich the lives of others, whether through offering a memorable stay to guests, working with local nonprofits, or providing affordable rates so that the homeless population in the city has a place to safely rest their head. 

Jon obtained his degree in Hospitality Management from Collins College where he continued to be an active member of the school as a member of the Alumni Board. During his time in college, he was also inducted into the International Hospitality and Tourism Management Honor Society. Jon Farzam’s education, combined with the hands-on experience gained through working in the family business, has imparted him with an unparalleled understanding of the hospitality industry. 

With his extensive knowledge, he is committed to sharing his insight with those seeking careers within hospitality. He occasionally organizes and executes guided tours of the hotel for college students. While there, Jon gives them the opportunity to meet with management, ask questions, learn the operations, and help guide their professional decisions. More than anything, Jon loves being a resource to his community and works to find ways of helping at every chance he gets. 

Jon Farzam recently became involved with the Surf Bus Foundation, a non-profit organization that brings underprivileged children to the beach to engage in surf activities and ocean education. Though a majority of the kids are residents of Los Angeles, many of them have never laid eyes on the Pacific ocean. Jon and The Shore Hotel have partnered with the organization, providing them with free nights to stay at the hotel. 

Outside of his work with his community and local non profits, Jon and his family have created a hotel that possesses the Santa Monica Green Certification and the LEED Gold Certification, and has obtained the Environmentalist Level awarded by the California Green Lodging Program. The hotel boasts many sustainable and eco-conscious features, including a solar energy-powered heated swimming pool and a stormwater management system. What’s more, recognizing the homelessness epidemic in Santa Monica, The Shore Hotel offers some of the most affordable rates imaginable for the area, ensuring that when someone needs a roof over their head, they have an option. 

To learn more about Jon Farzam and his work as a community leader and philanthropist, be sure to visit his blog.