The goal of donor engagement is to enhance the interactions between your organization and its supporters. It involves developing strategies and programs that will help strengthen the ties between your organization and its donors. In addition to being able to retain your donors, this type of engagement also helps boost the likelihood that your supporters will continue supporting you for the long term.

A strong donor engagement strategy can help you focus on cultivating and retaining the individuals already giving to your organization. It can also help you save time and money by not reaching out to new donors. These donor engagement strategies will give your organization the boost it may need. 

Stepping Away From Phone Calls

One of the most effective ways to reach out to new donors is through multiple channels. This strategy can be used to reach out to individuals who don’t want to be contacted through phone calls. Some of these include email, SMS, and personalized mail. By gaining a donor’s trust, they may later be more open to meeting you or conducting a phone call. 

Automated Messages

Unfortunately, many organizations have limited resources and time for reaching out to new donors. This is why they must have the proper resources to use automated marketing effectively. That is why email drip campaigns are beneficial. These are simple to set up and can be used to send out various messages depending on your supporters’ actions. 

Traditional Mail

Despite the rise of digital marketing, traditional mail remains an effective way to reach out to new donors. Using it as part of your strategy is more critical than ever.

Today, people still prefer to receive mail through traditional forms of communication such as bills and flyers. A survey shows that almost 59 percent of Americans prefer getting branded mail. 

Onboarding Gifts

One of the most essential factors you can consider when retaining a previous donor is ensuring that as many people as possible give to your organization. This can be done through the use of a welcome package. A well-designed welcome package can help build a strong relationship with new donors.

Your welcome package should also contain information about the organization and its mission. This will help keep the potential donors engaged and give them additional details about the organization.