The world is a rapidly changing place, and we are always eager to learn about what is happening across the globe. Recently, the conflict has arisen in Ukraine, resulting in some children being forced to leave their homes.

The conflict in Ukraine started when former president Viktor Yanukovych fled the country, leaving his authority behind. He deliberately left with his billions of dollars, and thousands of citizens could not pay their bills for over a year. All was well and peaceful until this point, but Russia invaded Ukraine on 22nd February 2014 to protect its interests in the region. Russian troops have been on Ukrainian soil since, with many soldiers stationed throughout the country’s cities.

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko declared a state of emergency, and many citizens fled to seek asylum in other countries. Since this declaration, many charities have been set up to help those left homeless with no place to go and nothing to eat every day. The most prominent of these charities is UNICEF, which helps children inside Ukraine and worldwide. It provides nutritional aid, vaccinations, healthcare facilities, and much more.

UNICEF’s Progress

When war broke out, UNICEF established a particular office in Ukraine designed to help children forced to flee their homes. It has provided food, water, educational systems, and medical supplies to keep the children safe. It set up refugee centers in Russia and Belarus, where over 14 000 people were given new homes. An estimated 639 000 people have been displaced due to this crisis. The charity also set up an emergency hotline, which anyone can ring to connect with their support services.

The UNICEF Ukraine Facebook page has more than 5 000 followers, and it is always active with articles that show how the support services are working. Like those in Ukraine, children in other countries are also being helped by this charity. It has supported children forced out of their homes due to violence and conflict in countries such as Lebanon and Iraq. There are also donation services that allow people to support the charity by donating money towards programs and services.

Global Impact

UNICEF is a large charity that works to improve the lives of hundreds of children worldwide every day. In addition to their work in Ukraine, they are also helping children in countries such as Iraq and Syria who have been forced out of their homes by war and violence. They provide food, medicine, and education and ensure that those who have lost everything will still have a chance at a new life. They have operated in Ukraine since 1946 and are one of the largest charities in the world. Having such a large number of employees and contractors makes UNICEF an ideal accomplice for others who want to achieve their goals at a low cost.


UNICEF has done a great job of helping the people of Ukraine; they are a great example of what a charity can achieve when it works together. Charities such as UNICEF are essential