Scientists and researchers use figures and percentages to provoke people’s thoughts on the seriousness of the issue under investigation. The call for a green economy has been more urgent in the tourism industry because of its massive impact on the environment. Here are some impressive figures and statistics about the green lodging program.

Defining Green Lodging Program

CalRecycle established the program to allow travelers to have a green option for their lodging necessities. The program aims at conserving the environment through multiple activities such as water and energy conservation, diverting waste from landfills, and improving the environmental quality inside the lodging rooms.

Reasons for the program

Introduce 50% Environmental Friendly Products

Hotels purchase a lot of products that are not environmentally friendly. CalRecycle estimates that the number of products purchased by an average hotel per week is equivalent to what 100 families purchase per year. Therefore, the idea of green lodging is to ensure that half of these products are environmentally friendly.

Reduce Waste

Hotels generate waste of up to 30 pounds per day in one room. The green hotel program believes that 80% of the waste can be recycled. Therefore, there will be fewer waste products in the environment after adopting the program.

Reduce Energy Cost

Electricity energy accounts for $3.7 billion of all the money used by hospitality companies per year. Furthermore, a typical hotel uses 60 to 70 percent of its money on electricity. The green hotel program aims to introduce the hospitality industry to energy-efficient products and teach them ways to reduce their energy consumption.

The Extra Food Can Feed the Hungry

The hotels and lodging industry account for 2 percent of California’s food waste, equivalent to 112,000 tons per year. However, there are various charitable organizations in the area that hosts the less privileged. Therefore, green lodging aims at directing wasted in hotels to charitable organizations.

Reduce Water Wastage

Every occupied room uses 218 gallons of water per day. The amount of water can be reduced using efficient water fixtures, which reduces water and sewer bills by 25-30 percent.

The statistics of how the hospitality industry wastes water, energy, and food are alarming. Adopting a green lodging program can correct this waste by a large percentage.