With so many charity organizations whose mission is to help the less privileged people in society, it isn’t easy to choose the right charity. The best to decide is to consider exploring all options before deciding on which charity to support.  

This article discusses the complex topic of donating. It also explores the essential factors that should be considered when deciding where to donate money. Here are some suggestions from experts in the field of charitable giving and philanthropy that can help people decide on what charity to choose. 

Develop a Relationship With a Specific Charity 

One simple way of assessing a charity is through direct contact. One can establish a good relationship with a charity they support and want to learn more about. This relationship should be built on trust and mutual respect to make sure that you can give freely without second-guessing your decision. This option is admittedly somewhat easier on a local scale, but thanks to the internet, one can reach out to any organization – anywhere on the globe. For instance, a person could easily reach out to a larger organization such as the Red Cross to make a difference wherever needed.

Don’t Decide Based on Current Events  

Paul Schervish, Professor and retired director of the Center on Wealth and Philanthropy (at Boston College), believes that responding to headline-making news on where to send money is rarely the best way to contribute. What happens if someone makes a rash and quick decision? They make mistakes. The more people have to decide quickly, the greater the chance of making a rash and quick decision — which, unfortunately, is often not the right one. 


It can be challenging to select a charity. People may receive an endless number of suggestions from friends or others. A person needs to pick a charity that aligns with their values. They should donate to an organization that can be trusted to direct most of their funds to the intended beneficiaries. 

The best way to choose the right charity is by taking time and being patient while thinking through various options. Someone needs to consider all possible outcomes of their actions before they make a choice that. This is the best way to prevent costly mistakes from happening.