In a time of need, many people look for ways to support those less fortunate than themselves. However, that can be difficult when everyone is cutting costs and watching their spending habits. Here are a few tricks to give as much as possible and incorporate some creative alternatives.

Set Aside Funds

During the pandemic, most people have found that certain expenses disappeared such as concert tickets, dining out, and commuting costs. Because of this, there is more discretionary income available. Calculate what would’ve been spent on a drink at the bar or a day of parking, and set that aside for a favorite charity. Think of it as reallocating rather than removing it from a budget.

Partner With Causes

If money has to be spent, it might as well go towards something that has a social improvement. Many companies have built-in charitable donations to their business models. Looking for a new pair of shoes? TOMS allocates donations to foundations for every pair purchased. Phone outdated and looking to upgrade? Apple’s Product (Red) iPhone donates a portion of all sales to AIDS research and support. 

Donate Unused/Unneeded Items

Spending so much time indoors has undoubtedly led many people to take a closer look at what’s in their home. Old clothes that no longer fit, shoes that were never worn, DVDs that haven’t been watched in over ten years. When money is tight, an easy alternative is to take what can no longer be used and pass it on to someone in need. Local charities accept donations, so drop off a bagful or carful of things that are gathering dust.


In this modern age, time is considered the most valuable resource. With many people losing jobs or reducing hours, an abundance of time has felt more like a curse than a blessing. Use the extra time to volunteer for a local or favorite charity. Charities can always use the extra hands but most often don’t have the money to finance the additional resources. The ability to take time to operate phone banks, fundraise, organize files, or enter data can be lifesaving for organizations trying to help people in need.